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Die Casting Product Design
The Die Casting process is a very versatile method of manufacturing high volume non-ferrous metal parts. This manufacturing process creates parts by injecting molten metal into a die at high pressure and high velocity. This process allows very complex parts to be made economically and effectively. This process can create parts that vary greatly in size and weight. Different alloys can also be chosen depending on the application and the working environment of the product.

Designing products for die casting can be tricking. This is especially true when design housings as it has aesthetics and mechanical requirements. Thin-wall enclosures can be particularly difficult and will often require ribs and bosses on the interior for added strength. Other external and internal features such as draft angle is required for the easy of ejecting the part after the die casting process. We will also often see enclosures with connectors and buttons on the sides which involves using sliding cores on the die to cast those features onto the parts.

The design of a die cast part can drastically affect its manufacturing costs. However, if the design has been refined and optimized for mass product, the results can be very rewarding. Well designed die cast parts are easier to cast and can be manufactured at a higher rate.
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