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Zinc Die Casting
Zinc die casting alloys are considered the easiest alloys to cast and generally promote a longer tool life compared with aluminum and magnesium alloys. This combination makes zinc die cast parts very economical to produce.

Our zinc die casting facility consist of hot chamber machines ranging from 128 tons to 168 tons of locking pressure. This manufacturing process enables us to produce quality parts to net shape or near net shape specifications. Furthermore, zinc die castings are easily machined for high precision requirements. The zinc alloys properties also make them an excellent choice for various surface finishings such as electroplating, conventional painting and powder coating.
Industries using zinc die casting parts:

• Connectors
• Telecommunications
• Automotive
• Power Tools
• Consumer Electronics
• Computing

Our zinc die casting facility consist of:
Over 5 sets of hot chamber die casting machines range up to 700 Tons of maximum locking force.
Zinc Alloys We Use:
Zamak 3
Zamak 5
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